2020. Songbird Journeys is a Wordpress website for a spiritual wellness business. The website includes CSS theme customizations and integration of the Squareup booking system.

2020. Kittiez Haircuts for Men needed a new website redesign and integration with the Vagaro scheduling system. I created this website on Wordpress with theme customizations on Elementor and implementation of Vagaro widgets throughout the site. This site also included an Instagram plugin.

FCMAT assists and provides guidance to local educational agencies in the areas of business and financial management practices. I was involved in planning, functional requirements, and project timeline, as the main point of contact between our team and stakeholders. I built the CMS on Orchard Core, a framework for ASP.NET. Using JSON data, I placed embedded Liquid syntax within HTML and JavaScript. The pages were styled in CSS and compiled on Sass. We used an MVC structure on Visual Studio and kept track of version control using Git.

2019. Midstone Hoopz just launched their business and offers non-competitive basketball tutorials for children ages 2-14. I created this website on Wordpress with an imported theme and Wordpress Form extension. Note: This website is no longer operational.

2017 - 2019. The Drobo website showcases the company's external hard drive solutions. I update current product pages and create new localized product pages in HTML/CSS and jQuery on a Wordpress CMS. We are in the process of transferring content and creating landing pages on a newly designed website theme.

2017 - 2018. The Renesas website contains thousands of pages on semiconductor solutions and documents. The website is built on Adobe Experience Manager with a style guide done on Bootstrap. We adhered to Web Accessibility standards and implemented SEO strategies. Tickets were completed on ZenDesk and then migrated to Atlassian Jira. I updated content, and created new landing pages in HTML/CSS, Javascript, and jQuery. I worked on events, campaigns, and banners to increase leads. In 2018, the company saw an increase of 1 million leads.

Renesas Campaigns

2017 - 2018. As part of the Digital Marketing team, I created stylized emails and landing pages within Oracle Eloqua in HTML/CSS with some Javascript and jQuery. The landing pages often included a registration form or blind form submit to capture user data and process leads down funnel. The campaigns I worked on are no longer active, however during my time with Renesas, the company saw an increase in gross profit margin by 73%.

Renesas Devcon

2017 - 2018. Renesas Devcon had two sections of the website, Devcon Seminars and Devcon Online. All were within a Wordpress CMS. I maintained these microsites with HTML/CSS and some JavaScript. Besides updating content, one of my responsibilities was to make changes to the registration form whenever there was a new or completed event. These microsites are no longer active. Code not available.

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2017. The Tech Stands Up website was a collaborative project completed by skilled tech volunteers. I worked on the front-end development including implementation of HTML/CSS within a Keystone CMS. We used Node.js, npm Bower and Gulp, along with Bootstrap. The collaboration was done on Slack with Github for version control.

2016 - 2017. Vobecky Enterprises wanted a website redesign to display the two sides of the company, construction, and logistics. I worked with a designer and implemented the redesign in HTML/CSS, JavaScript, and PHP. After the website launch, I maintained the website and updated content.

2011 - 2014. The New Focus Auto website redesign was created for their Chinese audience for aftermarket auto electronics. I helped with the website layout redesign and launch. My role then was to maintain the English portion of the website. There was a custom built Chinese CMS, but I maintained content by hardcoding HTML/CSS, JavaScript, and jQuery within an back-end. This website is no longer live.

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